Assessment Technology

Assessment Technology

Grand Canyon University EDU225: Sarah Macdonald

Rebecca Knipe

April 12, 2015

“In order to be an effective teacher, you must open your mind to learning more about assistive technology and to incorporating it into your classroom. In your role of an educator, part of your responsibility is to create an inclusive environment.” ( Assistive Technology comes in many forms and can help in various ways.  Technology can facilitate ongoing learning by giving kids an outlet to practice what is being taught in fun and innovative ways. Teachers sometimes have a hard time finding ways to give summative assessments to students that meet each one’s needs and technology changes that. There are so many different options to test your students while meeting their educational needs and gathering information based off of online learning. While children learn in a way that best suits them through technology, teachers are able to assess what they are retaining and what content areas need more work to prepare them for tests or quizzes. By incorporating technology into lessons, students will become more engaged in and excited about the subject at hand. Lessons that would normally be tedious for many, such as social studies, can be much more engaging with virtual field trips and streaming video. (  Even though technology has a lot to offer when assisting with assessing students; there are some downsides to this as well. When teachers rely too heavily on the technology part of it, they can become lazy and not take as much care and time into really assessing their kids. “Technology can never be fully relied on. As we all know technology always has its flaws, and if a student’s assistive device is not working properly, the student may not be able to complete his or her tasks” ( Every resource we use in the classroom always has a chance of failing. There is always the chance that student will not grasp the information being taught to them or that it simply doesn’t meet the needs of all of your students. The best way to find a successful resource through technology is by testing the waters. See what’s out there to benefit your student’s learning and your teaching. A lot of work goes into being a successful teacher that incorporates technology in the classroom but it pays off. Being able to give your students what they need in ways that engages them and leaves them passionate to learn is possible if you work and look for it. It’s also important to know that “Technology in the classroom is not just for students. Teachers can use the technology to keep student records, plan lessons and communicate with parents” ( Assistive technology isn’t just for the student. It comes with benefits for the teacher and parents as well.



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